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7 Mar 2018
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GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards

7 Mar 2018
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Video explains what ocean acidification means


Pew Charitable Trusts launched a video, in cooperation with cartoonist Jim Toomey, explaining the”ocean acidification”, a chemical change, which is under way in oceans. The phenomenon results from the ocean absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, therefore becoming more acidic.

As it is explained, the acidification causes eroding of the shells of marine life like oysters, clams, and urchins, which are vital to the food web. Scientists predict that ocean acidification could wipe out most coral reefs by the middle of this century, and it’s affecting other animals, too. For example, certain fish have a harder time detecting predators.

The good news is that, if we reverse course, the ocean should regain its chemical balance.

“If not, well, the truth will be a lot scarier than fiction”.

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