GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards

7 Mar 2018
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GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards

7 Mar 2018
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The QUADRIGA project

The Quadriga sustainable shipping project is an initiative from Hamburg-based Sailing Cargo, which aims to build the world’s biggest sailing cargo ship using hybrid technology / Above image is used for illustration purposes only

The QUADRIGA | Project Trailer 2017 from Sailing-Cargo on Vimeo.

The QUADRIGA is the first sailing cargo carrier in the world, built to transport goods emission-free, using only wind power to propel her across the ocean. In addition, she is the biggest sailing ship of all time. In the future, goods of all kind could be transported in a 100% positive life-cycle assessment. The project aims to fulfil industry’s vision of creating a greener, more sustainable solution for transport across the sea.

Lloyd’s Register has recently announced its support to Quadriga sustainable shipping project.  Through consultancy during the design and specification stage followed by onsite new construction supervision, LR will help to ensure compliance with the highest technical, safety and environmental standards upon realisation of the project. LR will also verify whether the predicted performance parameters have been achieved.

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One comment

  1. Ratko Marinovic

    I was loading 1995 in Gabon one of the first commercial sail ships, MV Zambesi, ex Usuki Pioneer. Logs, total weight on deck 5150 tons and she had excellent stability for arrival on F.E. disports. She ‘’lost’’ sails as Irazu in 1993. Ship is not a problem; there were no qualified personnel to know how to use, place and trim sails when vessel is fully loaded. Computer simulation only without skilled personnel in charge will not do well. Technique only does not trim sails when gust of wind increase force and/or direction.

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