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5 Apr 2017
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GREEN4SEA Conference & Awards

5 Apr 2017
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  • lng

    Drewry: FSRUs better investment than LNG carriers

    In the latest edition of its LNG Forecaster report, global shipping consultancy Drewry suggests that investment returns in floating storage regasification units at current asset prices and charter rates are higher compared with standard LNG vessels, despite falling freight rates for FSRUs. ...

  • biofouling

    AMSA revises biofouling and in-water cleaning guidelines

    AMSA issued a Marine Notice to provide general information on the revised 2015 Anti-fouling and In-water Cleaning Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand, and the IMO's 2011 Guidelines for the control and management of ships’ biofouling, to minimize the transfer of invasive aquatic species.   ...

  • tanker

    BWM Convention extension may delay recovery in tanker market

    The delay of the BWM Convention implementation, decided at MEPC 71, is expected to slow demolition activity over the next few years, subsequently postponing any substantial recovery in tanker rates which have been heavily pressured by the perennial state of tonnage oversupply, according to the Ocean Freight Exchange. ...

  • bwm

    California clarifies requirements for Ballast Water Discharge

    California State Lands Commission noted that vessels arriving at a California port must have an alternative, environmentally sound method of ballast water management that has been approved by the Commission or the USCG, as being at least as effective as ballast water exchange. ...

  • rotterdam

    Port of Rotterdam: Heading towards sustainability

    Port of Rotterdam cited a series of objectives and initiatives to achieve sustainability until 2050. The initiatives are related to Paris Agreement signing, promotion of LNG as a marine fuel, heat alliance, waste recycling, among others. ...

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IMO updates SOPEP/SMPEP List of National Contact Points

IMO informs about the new contact points responsible for the receipt, transmission and processing of urgent reports on incidents involving harmful substances. The list is updated on a quarterly basis and includes a summary indicating which country has submitted changes to its information, since the previous update.

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DESMI’s oil spill response training gets accredited

Danish oil recovery solution manufacturer DESMI has obtained Nautical Institute accreditation for its IMO Oil Pollution Preparedness and Response training courses. The accreditation, received in March this year, allows operators to obtain fully compliant training directly from the manufacturer. 

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NOVATEK joins SGMF and SEA\LNG to promote LNG use

Novatek Gas & Power announced that it has joined the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel and the SEA\LNG Association, to help promote LNG as a marine fuel. Both organizations are known for promoting the increased use of cleaner burning LNG in marine transportation.

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IMO rules out possible delay to Sulphur Cap implementation

Any suggestion that there may be any form of delay to the 1 January 2020 implementation of the 0.50% sulphur limit in 2020 was ruled out at MEPC 71, as a majority of member states rejected a proposal to collect data to allow the IMO to take stock of the availability situation ahead of 2020, according to IBIA.

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ABS updates scrubber advisory ahead of 2020 sulfur cap

 ABS updated its Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems, to help industry prepare for IMO’s 2020 global sulfur cap. The advisory provides guidance on scrubber technology selection, addressing the common focus on how best to comply with the upcoming global sulfur cap and how to weigh the right compliance options for fleets.

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Disney Cruise Line to acquire another LNG-fueled vessel

Bob Chapek, Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, announced that Disney Cruise Line will add one more ship in its expansion "to take family cruise vacations to a whole new level." Joining the other two new ships that were announced just last year, all three ships will be powered by LNG and are expected to be completed by 2023.

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USCG updates design criteria for LNG fuel systems

The US Coast Guard issued a policy letter establishing design criteria for natural gas fuel systems that provide a level of safety at least equivalent to that provided for traditional fuel systems. Since LNG is relatively new as a marine fuel in the US, there are no federal regulations to address the safe design of shipboard LNG-fueled systems.

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Höegh LNG, RMU Ghana sign on LNG capacity building

The Regional Maritime University in Ghana signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Höegh LNG, for the support and maritime capacity development for both RMU and Ghanaian seafarers. The MoU aims to build Ghanaian ability to efficiently operate and handle advanced gas carriers.

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IEA sees US as top LNG producer by 2022

International Energy Agency issued a report on a five-year analysis on natural gas, revealing that US will account for 40% of the world’s extra gas production to 2022, thanks to the remarkable growth in domestic shale industry. IEA estimates that the country will challenge Australia and Qatar for global leadership among LNG exporters.

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APL notes highest carbon emission reduction in 2016

Singapore-based container shipping company APL announced its highest recorded fleet carbon dioxide emissions reduction of 48% in 2016, compared to its base level in 2009. Moving forward, APL aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per container transported by 30% between 2015 and 2025, a target set by the CMA CGM.

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